Dark Souls Weapons

you looked up about dark souls I am going to show you the top 5 weapons and underneath the top 5 weapons my I will show all the weapons I Know andI will explain them and show a picture of each weapon.

top 5 dark souls weapons

about dark souls weapons


This is the falchion. Its a fast and light curved weapon which is briliant with buffs so you should use power within and crystal magic weapon and the lingering dragon crest ring. If you level it up to +15 it has an A scaling in dexterity but if not its a B scaling in dexterity. The highist damage you can get it is is tons of damage.

falchion sword

Great sword

This is the great sword its a good qualaty weapon which means its a good with strengh and dexterity. its got a B scaling in strength and a C scaling in dexterity. but dont buff it with lighting damage because it does have good scaling. with the Great sword you should always do light attack's because it takes a bit of time to deploy a heavy attack.

great sword

Boulder side sword

The boulder side sword also known as the boulder swag sword you may be thinking why boulder swag sword its known as the boulder swag sword because its such an amazing weapon. Its an amazing wepon because it attacks amazingly fast weapon and you can get quite early on and you can get it from boulder knigtets from undead parish its got a A scaling in dexterity at +15 but if not at +15 its a B scaling in dexterity.

boulder side sword

Great club

This is the great club the great club is one of the best strength weapons its got an A scaling in strengh you can get it at the very start of the game if your gift is the master key. the great club is in Blightown if you see the big mountain with dead trees on it turn left to that and you would fined two rock giants and behind them is a dead body with the great club. you should barely ever do heavy attacks unless you were in a safe place where no one can hit you but you can hit him.You need 25 strengh to wield the great club in one hand.

great club

Demons great axe

The demons great axe is a gigantic great axe that should be only used by strengh builds because its amazingly heavy and its got an A scaling in strengh but the rarest drop is from the taures demon I have only got the demons great axe once from the taures demon. but if you dont get it from the taures demon you can get it from lostiselithbecause there are lots of taures demon there but they dont resporn which is a problem.

The dragon greatsword

The dragon greatsword has one of the highest base damages in the game you can get it in ash lake at the end of it and you get it by cutting off the big dragons tale but it has no scaling with everything and you can only upgrade it with dragon scales droped by drakes and dragons and its a quite a rare drop.

Moonlight greatsword

The moonlight greatsword is ment to be for inteligence builds because it does 0 base damage and only does magic damage its an amazing weapon it doesn't atack slowly at all and its an S scaling in inteligence which is the best scaling in dark souls! you get it in the crystal caves by cutting off seath the scaleleses tale which very dificult.

Battle axe

The battle axe is a very comon wepon droped by a holow warior you can esaly farm it in undead burg its got a C scaling in strengh and dexterity so its a fine weapon for early on but its a horible late game.

The gargoils tale axe

The gargoils tale axe is a good quality weapon but what most people do is inchante it with lightining damage which is a very good way of using the gargoils tale axe because it only has a D scaling in dexterity and strengh which isn't very good. You get it in undead parish by cutting off the gargoils tail.

The dragonslayer spear

The dragon slayer spear a boss long ranged weapon which you can get by giving orienstiens soul which orienstien is in anor londo and his pal is smough who is also in anor londo and there both in the same boss fight so you have to beet them both at the same time. The dragonslayer spear has a B scaling in strengh and a C scaling in dexterity

Winged spear

The winged spear is a realy good spear that can be found in undead burg infact the winged spear is beter than some spears you find later in the game its beter then the one in darkroot gardens next to undead parish. The winged spear can only be found in firelink shire.

don't think I have left out the great sythe if you want to see the great just click on the link below

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